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The RADIANCE Development Team

RADIANCE was developed at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania by Tessa S. Cook, MD PhD, under the mentorship of William W. Boonn, MD and Woojin Kim, MD. Dr. Cook was a second-year resident in the Department of Radiology when the project began and is now on the faculty at the Perelman School of Medicine in the Department of Radiology. To contact the team with questions about RADIANCE, please email Dr. Cook at radiancedose@gmail.com.

Contributors to RADIANCE

Many individuals have contributed to the successful implementation of RADIANCE at Penn. We gratefully acknowledge

  • Stefan Zimmerman, MD
  • Thomas Chiang
  • Dan Morton
  • Anand Sunaram
  • Jonathan Haski
  • Vishnu Ganesan
  • Scott Steingall, RT
  • Andrew Maidment, PhD
  • Curt Langlotz, MD
  • Steven Horii, MD
  • Michael Bleshman, MD
  • R. Nick Bryan, MD PhD